Xperl player frame not updating

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The attached document contains each county's recount expense estimate and the method it plans to use for recounting the ballot.

We continue to update this list as counties provide their minutes of the recount to us.

I discovered that recreating something that is this animation-heavy (icons moving around in different directions and at different speeds) is not even possible in most prototyping packages.

The majority of tools only let you connect static pages, while only the more complex ones let you animate different objects or layers within a given page. In a page-based tool, you lay out different screens, and then you make hotspots or buttons to connect them together.

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In many cases they are decided by one or two votes out of the several hundred or even several thousand votes that are cast. These circumstances encourage a candidate, typically the one who loses the election, to have all the ballots counted again to assure all legal votes are counted properly, any illegal votes are not counted, and the proper procedures for conducting the election were followed by the election officials.

I've changed the position and size of the text frame on both the Left and Right master pages of my document.

But the Body pages are not updating to show the changes, even though I select Remove Overrides when I switch the view to Body pages.

And when I go to Master page view again, each time I switch back to Body page view, I get the message that I have overrides on all of my pages.

To get the correct text frame on the Body page, I have had to change the frame on each Body page individually.

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