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MEN’S April 17-18: Paradise […] Stories and photos by ALEX de LEÓN Laura Pieslewicz is a busy woman. “I think I thrive on organized chaos.” Pieslewicz, 39, works as an emergency medical technician, teaches hospital-related courses at Banner University Medical Center and has taught full time for Pima Community College’s EMT […] BY ASHLEY MUÑOZ My initial goal for this piece was to have students with stories similar to mine come forward and feel comfortable being interviewed about their personal experiences.

Although that didn’t happen, I still want this story to be told.

If an award higher than the Oscar existed, this film would receive it.

This story is nothing short of genius, and emotional.

Dan Deacon, Diarrhea Planet, Dillinger Escape Plan, Eskimeaux, Fu Manchu, Girls Against Boys, Gwar, Jimmy Eat World, Laura Stevenson, Meat Puppets, NOFX, Refused, The Anniversary, The Flaming Lips, The Specials, Tigers Jaw, Ween, and more.

“Fences” was originally a Pulitzer prize-winning play written by August Wilson.Read More Tags: Aaron Rev, Able Baker Fox, Adult Magic, Allout Helter, Alumine, Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart, Anna’s Anchor, Apologies, Army Of Ponch, Astpai, Attic Salt, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Baggage, Banner Pilot, Bat Boy, Bitemarks, Blood on the Harp, Boyfriend Material, Career Suicide, Ceramicats, Chotto Ghetto, Crit, Deadaires, Debt Neglector, Decent Criminal, Divine Feed, DREDGER, Extinction A.D., FRIGS, Gender Roles, Great Cynics, Gutless, Heat Rash, Honey Joy, I Have None, I Like Allie, Insignificant Other, Into It Over It, James Alex, Joe Mc Mahon, Katie Ellen, Lauren Denitzio, Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires, Makewar, MC Lars, Nervous Triggers, No Trigger, Notches, Old Vices, Orbiter, pacemaker, Pale Angels, Pet Symmetry, Post Teens, Quinn Cicala, Rational Anthem, Rozwell Kid, Sandspur City, Sciatic Nerve, Seth Anderson, Shells, Shellshag, Sic Waiting, soul glo, steveo and the crippling addictions, Such Gold, Sundressed, Sunshine State, Telepathic Lines, The Atom Age, The Dirty Nil, The Duppies, The Fest, Thin Lips, Tiltwheel, Timeshares, Too Many Daves, Toy Guitar, UV-TV, Vacation Bible School, Walt Hamburger, Walter Etc, Western Addiction, Wet Nurse, Whiskey & Co., Wild Pink, winded, Woolbright, Worriers, Yotam Ben Horin, You Blew It!Give me a karaoke microphone to this day and watch me pogo as I gleefully belt out "Hit or Miss" by NFG.Back then, these people loomed so large to me that I couldn't imagine my words might be hurtful.

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