Updating mcafee from user account

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They continuously e-mail saying I didn't send proof of purchase. I was very upset when I got an email from Mc Afee Security saying they charged my Debit Card 96.00 dollars for Internet security. Second, they charged me more than double the price I could have found it for if I would have looked for it myself online.

I e-mailed them with their refund form and attached was my proof of purchase.

The only reason I did was because I had just got my tax return.

I renewed my Mc Afee Antivirus Protection subscription 2/17. I kept receiving popups warning me that my computer was in danger, clicked the "fix" button to discover that I needed to pay or repurchase what I had already purchased. I have used Mc Afee before and had a good experience. I then make official call 1-800-954-268 Mc Afee Australia to resolve my issue. I did not pay the fee so my computer is now not protected!!! I went to renew and it came up as system error and charged me twice.

Customer service took over my computer to remove and reinstall Mc Afee. This time, it installed, but then it was suddenly gone. I straight away told them I need my refund for Mc Afee auto renewal and I will not use Mc Afee from now onwards. When I contacted them through live chat they said I was only charged once. Mcafee started auto-renewing their "service" in 2011.

Read Full Bio→Here's a simple fact that too often gets overlooked: Once you sign up for subscription services, chances are you will find your subscription renewed automatically unless you take steps to prevent it.

Some consumers have trouble with that, particularly with Mc Afee anti-virus software, which is supposed to protect your computer from viruses and malware."I am disappointed in Mc Afee for auto-renewing my anti-virus subscription,” Steven, of Richardson, Texas, wrote in a Consumer Affairs post.

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