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The website launched in June but has jumped in popularity now that Trump will be sworn into office on Friday.

Goss tells the New York Daily News the site has more than 23,000 members and costs .95 a month.

The Infant Queen Sandal gets its regal look from the woven straps and stud accents.

The adorable appearance is backed up with a hook-and-loop closure on the adjustable ankle sling that ensures a secure fit.

“It’s a place where people can come and meet each other and they don’t have to worry about going on that date, politics coming up, talking about politics and all of a sudden that person getting upset and leaving,” Goss told WFOR.

Goss adds he and his business partner screen applicants to ensure they are truly supporters of Trump and not there to harass other members.

2nd March 2016: Cheryl posts a picture with a mystery arm in the back of a car which obvs makes the internet go mad trying to track down the owner of said limb – discussing watch brands, jumpers and the likes.Please note shipping charges will be invoiced separately.You will receive a shipping invoice after your final layby payment is made. You can calculate shipping by adding this item to your cart.These sandals won't be falling off and getting lost during a stroll in the park.For dressy occasions — or just for dress-up fun — the Infant Penelope Sandal is ideal.

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