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Holtzclaw carried out calculated attacks of sexual violence against one of America’s most marginalized and mistreated groups: black women.Yet his lewd acts are just one example of brutality and sexual assault cases against black women by police that too often go ignored.Matthew Becton and Nicholas Winter started experimenting last month with a heating and cooling system that could save energy costs in all buildings around the University of Georgia’s campus.Becton, a second-year Ph D engineering student from Savannah, and Winter, a first-year masters engineering student from Mc Donough, received a grant from the Office of Sustainability to test the model predictive control HVAC system which would predict and accommodate for changing temperatures in a building.“We wouldn’t have asked for this grant or started researching it if there wasn’t such a big focus on sustainability at UGA,” Becton said.According to the director of sustainability Kevin Kirsche, the Office of Sustainability, which is a part of the FMD, helped write and update the section of the standards that deals with facility performance requirements.“That’s one of the ways we have an impact is participating in continuously updating the standards for design and construction,” Kirsche said.

Nowak, 46, must also perform 50 hours of community service and have no contact with the victim in the case, former Air Force Capt. She must also send Shipman a letter of apology within 10 days, "a sincere letter of apology, not one of these vanilla things that I see from other defendants," Lubet told Nowak.Jason Perry, the program coordinator and certified energy manager at the Office of Sustainability, said that UGA is trying to reach 20 percent better energy efficiency than required by state regulations.Perry is one of the many people who overlook design plans for buildings on campus, and he focuses mainly on energy efficiency.After four full days of deliberation, former Oklahoma cop Daniel Holzclaw was found guilty of rape and sexual battery Thursday.Holtzclaw sobbed relentlessly after an all-white jury convicted him on 18 of the 36 charges he faced, which included The verdict came after weeks of harrowing witness testimonies, egregious tactics by defense attorneys and pleas from prosecutors who said Holtzclaw preyed on black women with criminal records and substance abuse problems because he thought they wouldn’t speak up.

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