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I do remember, one of my favorite things, picking up my daughter, seeing her before she saw me, and absolutely reveling in watching her interact with her caregiver or other children.

This article was inspired after reading still yet another internet blog about the adverse effect Bully Bosses are having on Nurses in health care facilities. We love all of your comments and encouragement as well!

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“How sad,” I thought, “that so many parents are leaving their children with people they can’t trust.” Yet, as the author described how she overcame her initial reservations, I began to realize that daycare-cams aren’t only about mistrust: “This wasn’t a one-time disconnect between me and the new-found capabilities of my baby – not even close.The developmental milestones she reveals every weekend are a constant reminder that seeing her two hours a day during the work week isn’t nearly enough to maintain the intimate relationship that develops when you’re with your baby 24 hours a day.”“We may tell ourselves we’re just curious about what our adored children are doing when we’re not around.But this seemingly innocuous defence of live kiddie feeds is actually the most worrisome to me.We do feel the layout is a little boring, a little 2008 to be honest.The site should automatically be displayed in your geo language but you can change the language on top of the page.

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