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Restaurant co-owner Ivan Gedz empathised with the girls, having had his own battles with red-tape over tables on the sidewalk, and he told the Globe and Mail: 'There's absolutely reasons why regulations are put in place.

He allegedly told those contemplating suicide what methods worked best, that it was a decent choice to commit suicide, that they would be better off in heaven, and/or falsely entered into suicide pacts with them.

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On remand, Melchert-Dinkel was convicted on one count of assisting suicide, and one count of attempted assisting suicide.He was also convicted in relation to the suicide of Mark Drybrough, a 32-year-old IT technician who in the wake of suffering a nervous breakdown and being depressed hanged himself in his Coventry, England home in July 2005, after allegedly chatting for two months with someone allegedly using the aliases Falcongirl and Li Dao.In November 2006, Celia Blay, a retired British schoolteacher living in Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, received word from a teenaged friend in South America that she had entered a suicide pact with a young nurse.Blay investigated Melchert-Dinkel's "Li Dao" identity and discovered that he had previously agreed to earlier suicide pacts. He expresses himself with the confidence of one who expects his orders to be unquestionably followed, and his autocratic style demands respect and commands fear.

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