Homebody dating site

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While some people prefer spending more time outside than at home, there are homebodies who delight in spending their free time relaxing in the comfort of their nests.

Dating homebodies can be a real challenge, but making compromises can be rewarding if you are willing to put in the work.

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor romance; there are beach bonfires, county fairs and super schmoopy picnics at the park. But what if basking in the great outdoors isn't really your bag?

It's been sometime since we've pitted homebody boys against adventurous lads and I'd say summer is the perfect time for a rematch.

"I want this marriage to last, but we need more time together to make it work." With their schedules unlikely to change anytime soon -- Leigh Ann has two years of nursing school left -- the couple is at odds over how to mesh both their social habits and their schedules. After attending her nursing classes and working nine long, hectic hours at the bar, going out isn't just about meeting up with friends, it's a way for Leigh Ann to de-stress and blow off steam -- something she wishes Jason could understand better.

"I love to go out, especially on Saturday nights," says Leigh Ann.

I was contemplating this as I came home from work last night; I think the next guy I get involved with will definitely be more of the homebody type.

It’s a lark; it’s fun, but you could take it or leave it.The two often fight over making plans, get frustrated and end up going off to do their own things."It's a shame that we're newlyweds and we almost never get to enjoy each other," says Jason. Regardless of which site you choose, men outnumber women by factors of 10 or more; it’s a buyer’s market for women, and frankly, they’re already being deluged with winks, pokes, flowers, smiles and incredibly douchey messages. If you want to go with Match, Chemistry, Geek2Geek, Amputeedate, what-have-you, that’s cool. If you’re going to use an online dating site like I recommended, you need to have at least a vague idea of what you’re doing. Therefore I’ll be talking predominantly about OK Cupid’s profile set-up.

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