Dating must haves

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Like it or not, recruiting (or finding a job, for that matter) is a lot like dating.

Both the employer and the potential employee are looking for a partner – one wants to find someone perfect to fill a role and the other wants a company where he or she will be happy.

This means reaching for multi-purpose items and things you just can’t live without! Here’s our take on the top date night beauty essentials that you’ll actually need.

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The picture needs to be clear, focused and of high quality.When I sat down to examine my own job searching deal breakers, I got great clarity as to next steps in my career.I made list of the things I loved and loathed about previous companies and bosses, and very clear patterns emerged. Even though it sounds easy enough, I’m not sure I actually know how to identify what are my absolute requirements.No one’s perfect, and I find redeeming things in many people. Dear Dee, I believe that to date most effectively, you need to be clear about what character traits you absolutely need in a relationship, or your must-haves.

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