Dating for revenge

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The outlet reported that apparently the first time they were seen together, the ex-Disney star reached out to Justin after she found out about it and he "turned her down." “It’s probably only a matter of time before Selena sends Justin an evil text to ask him about his night out.

She's always been jealous of his relationship with Kourtney," the source said about what will possibly happen this time around.

The person who hurt you was probably in pain themselves.

Maybe you weren’t the one who inflicted the initial injury, but at some point they’ve been wounded.

“Justin explained that he is quietly seeing Kourtney Kardashian again," a source revealed before. And he knows how to annoy her — going out with Kourtney was the perfect payback.” Kourtney was said to be back with her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick and father of her three kids just months ago, so there is no telling what is really going on between the 37-year-old star and the pop singer.

Though Justin has not reacted to the Abelena romance, Sel has been known to react whenever the "Sorry" singer is seen with a new girl . Do you think Justin is dating Kourtney as revenge or are they truly just friends?

My break up was extremely pleasant but I still want that revenge body effect I will say the one good thing about being single is you can do whatever you want whenever you want.

You also don't have a nice guy telling you that you "are beautiful no matter what." That phrase gave me all the reasons to not go to the gym and eat french fries instead.

However, does seeking revenge actually make you feel any better?

World, availing themselves of its services requires a paid membership to contact in any way, or leave the relationship if your goals.

Asia, opening story real life with diabetes for over 67 years, we've been working on but we joked about this with friends for going into a second relationship without even thinking.

When you are in a relationship it is easy to brush off a pm workout or a 8 am Saturday workout because you have other plans.

Well now I have NO plan is going to be to get into shape to make up for all the damage I did while in a relationship.

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