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Thus, the Late Triassic marked the switch in subduction from the Paleo-Asian Ocean to the Paleo-Pacific Ocean in NE China.The Daqing Mountains area comprises a typical occurrence of the Khondalite Belt in the Western Block of the North China Craton (NCC).34, Salzburg A-5020, Austria), AF(Strategic Research Center of Oil & Gas Resources, Ministry of Land and Resources, Funei Str.

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This result supports the view that the final collision of the JKB and NCC along the Changchun-Yanji suture took place before the Late Triassic.

Furthermore, this closure time is at least 10-20 Ma later than closure along the Solonker-Xar Moron-Changchun suture in the Late Permian.

Based on these data and previously published results, the following conclusions can be drawn: 1) The source region for the late Paleoproterozoic detrital sedimentary rocks is mainly 2.55–2.4 and 2.2–2.04 Ga in age, consistent with the early Precambrian geological history identified widely in the basement of the NCC.

2) The majority of sedimentary rocks of the khondalite series were deposited between 2.04 and 1.95 Ga, and then in a protracted period (1.96 and 1.83 Ga) underwent a complex history of amphibolite to granulite-facies metamorphism.

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