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Phone 7 i rorad Raal Coaipositlon, K«- paf Hac aad Caatiag Kaafg. and the People of Victoria, re Wishes for Christinas Joy and . Coiiimeiits Ufteied on Pioposal to Abolish Subniarine as in- strument ^\ Wai — Effective Disarmament ti ONOON. ■' The newspaper argues that the de- velopaaeata at Wasiiington i lulncts' liall u Tut complained that the miners did not donate enough for relief, and the *world woald be better off without them. Mike and Pete Sklneo Tltch, knifed one Wassel Dutrhulk for the reason that his futhrr l« mayor of a Russian village, and tr\i* rnoii Kh. Thara la an a atamal aaarch aft«r aomathlng bottar llian man han 1«-rn . It la the In- gralnad baliaf In tha andlaaa raaurraa- tlons of eternal love. — For tha paat fortnight I have bean ieannlhg tha daily Papara to aca what, ir any, preparatlona wara bolng iiiadp ii» regards the safe and prompt curi Niii;; out Of the new rule of the roa clantt I would, nherafor*. la that rule tha best that the combined minds of a lawyer, schoolmaster and pickle man can niakp ■ If so, It la high time ili.-it Komeone was pla ed in charge who has jil.

— Pi-eaeulit Uun tu the WMklacton tom Htmrnm of Oreat Kritaln'a plea for abolition of the Nulir Marl M as -t iiiival weapon haa ur re Kreta that there aeo His to be no pruapect of lu belns broasht about, but t^er* Is soma skeptlelsm resrardlnir the pos« blbillty of preveatlas the uae ol sub- marlnc M even If thp conference adopt- ed Lord Lee's proposa'is. and we may reirroi the re- iaeal of the p''esent eonference to agree to abolition of tho *ub«MUrin* because no such prohibition eould be effected. At least for om 4Ay In Moh jraar m w« mortal* in«a«- ur« Um«, toy Ml o«tp«tirla» of generoua g Mng. There hair* to«ah thrauchoat racordad hla- tory avldencee In mankind of un- braakabla moral alamlna. Tha ealabratlon of Chrlatmaa la tha luanlff'Ht and outward «lg;n of tha hope of a hereafter. Th*n in the laat edition extravagant pralaa Is given to one of tha performera at the Arlon riub concert, who la after all (in my opinion) no better than several other pianists we have In Vic- torla.

The subject of physician-patient boundaries illustrates how well-intentioned policy can be written in a way that is simply too shallow to serve the goals of ethics.

There are many promising people, I thought I was promising too, but everyone is outclassing everyone, for example, I'm not very good at singing, I'm mainly a dancer so I didn't have a chance to debut soon.

WMTNt K ronc AMi ( Ol ONl ST Hu Mno^ Office t« cuculatlea ...••••••«•«••••• NO, 13-SIXIY-r OURl H YEAR VICTUHIA, BRi ilii MBi A, SUNu A^, DFC[ VPFR W' N'TY ri GHT PAGES A MERRY TO EVERYONE FRENCH PREMIER . PROMISES ON REPARATIONS v: I I f Chamber of Deputies i hat No C^uc^iuhi ui I ranee Aba? -''Th«ra was no qtiestion at the London dis- cussions of I Vaiicp abandonins^ the guarantees given hy the Versailles treatv for the payment of re'paratioiis by Cermany." Premier Hriand declared in the Chamber this afternoon, replying to an interpellation by Lootf Klpt£, th* turner Minister of Finance. Lloyd Geo^e at no moment sufgcsted that in the forth- coming conferencr Fraruc should be asl^ed to make the slightest sacrifice. raeeatly eeat to tha fgr ffdial if il«r«ai la Ire- I t 't ■ n I 1 •11.444 I I Dabaai 8. Their shack haa been searched, and a large amount of Bolahcvik literature aalsed. ley was ^Mieled set of hki aa t ems kl ls today 1 n Ktaxeio M t^AUl ABT. and thara la a majaatjr, a baautr aad a glory In thla a^p Aot of the brother- hood of roan. till 12 noon, being relieved at noon and coming back from 4 p.m.

I'm going to college, probably getting a girlfriend and doing all the things I missed out on.

Thanks :)2) **3 of all the trainees had the same contract expiration date as me (week, not the exact day) and I don't know for sure, but I heard that 2 of those also did not renew.

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